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Ruwesi Canoe Trails is a mobile canoe safari offering three to four nights down the Zambezi River.  Canoeing is a unique experience and allows a different perspective when game viewing. 

Canoeing is an experience unlike any other whilst easy paddling ensures no canoe experience is necessary although there is a team of experienced paddlers who will canoe you down the Zambezi. Covering an average of 20 km a day in a 3 km current exploring the narrow channels and open water game viewing along the way, you will be paddling up to elephants, buffalo, hippos and numerous birds that live on the banks and feed in the water.

The first night of the canoe trail is spent at Little Vundu then canoeing to Chessa and Ilala campsites in mobile tents. The tents are walk in 3m x 3m with steel framed beds with wooden bases and a mattress; each tent is ensuite with a bucket shower and flush toilet from an overhead bucket. Lighting is from rechargeable lamps.



Vundu-canvas under thatch

Little Vundu -tented

Ruwesi – mobile tents



Open Season

Open 01 Apr – 25 Nov

Safari Experience

Game drives, walks and canoeing – a combination of all three at each camp.

Wildlife & Birdlife

Wild dogs are a frequently seen animal and we are part of Painted Dog Conservation studying the dogs.

Nick is working on a Masters on the dogs.