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Luambe Camp is the only camp in the entire Luambe National Park, ensuring an exclusive and intimate wilderness experience.

Luambe National Park is located on the eastern bank of the Luangwa River halfway between South and North Luangwa National Park.  The park is remote and wild offering a Luangwa Valley experience  reminiscent of the early days in the Valley. Guests will be accommodated in a spacious ensuite safari tent, each offering a spectacular view ofthe Luangwa River and its abundant wildlife.

Luambe Camp runs on solar power with inverters. Limited 240 volt power can therefore be provided for guests in their tents. Solar power is obviously dependent on the sun and the ability to charge the camp’s main batteries during the day. 



Double Ensuite safari tents



Open Season

15 June to 31 October

Safari Experience

Wake up to various birdcalls and the grunting hippo as they welcome a new day in the beautiful Luangwa Valley while enjoying a quick coffee.

Make the most of your day by heading out early on a safari. Take in the views as the morning hue lifts, the sun rises and the animals make their way out onto the plains. 

After your morning activity, enjoy a cooked or continental breakfast in the dining area overlooking the Luangwa River.

Chill time:  Have a rest in your tent or grab your binoculars and spot the birdlife in the area from under the shade of a tree.

Lunch: A tasty lunch can be enjoyed in the dining area or in front of your tent.

Siesta: Take a nap in your tent over the heat of the day. 

Afternoon: Head out on foot with a guide to spot an amazing variety of birdlife, fauna and flora in the riverine forest. 

Start the afternoon with a game drive through the woodlands and out onto the Chipuka Plains

Relax in camp with a sundowner in hand and watch the pinky sunsets over the river while enjoying the antics of the hippo.

Meet around the bar for pre-dinner drinks

Enjoy a 3 course meal next to the fire in the dining area under the stars.

Select a favourite nightcap or coffee and unwind.

NB – This camp is remote, so please bring plenty of battery backup – charging facilities can be limited during overcast days.  Please do not use hair dryers, the charging of batteries and laptops is, however, possible.

Wildlife & Birdlife

The Luambe wildlife is worth the journey alone! Aside from the absolutely incredible experience of living next to all the hippo, Luambe offers some exciting wildlife encounters that complement the species normally seen in the South Luangwa. Cookson’s Wildebeest, eland and oribi can all be sighted in Luambe along with the usual Luangwa favourites like elephant, giraffe and buffalo. Sightings of lion and leopard are on the increase all the time and guests are encouraged to join in discovering this forgotten piece of the Luangwa.