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King Lewanika is an exclusive luxury camp in Liuwa Plain National Park and the only permanent camp in the park.

The camp retains its safari authenticity with canvas drops, indoor and outdoor showers, decks overlooking the vast Liuwa Plain and the use of thatch and grass in the main area. All furniture was curated as a nod to old world safari days, using leather, cotton, and canvas. The Villas offer total immersion in the vast landscape, allowing travelers to experience nature’s masterpieces in a simple, sustainable, and meaningful way. 

King Lewanika comprises six luxury villas including a two bedroomed family villa, with the capacity to accommodate a total of 15 guests. It has been designed by acclaimed lodge architects, Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens.



Luxurious Villas (6 Doubles or Twins)
One of the Villas is a Family Suite (1 Double + 1 Triple)



Open Season

Open mid October to July

Safari Experience

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Wildlife & Birdlife

Home to the 2nd biggest wildebeest migration in Africa.

Known for its unique animal behaviour where hyenas hunt in clans of more than 50.  This is also a stronghold of packs of African wild dogs. 

Added Extras

Zambia’s most exclusive camp
Second biggest wildebeest migration in Africa.
Unique animal behaviour – hyenas hunting in clans of up to 50.
Rare and endangered birds.
The plain is an amazing canvas for photography.