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The Smith Family – Haslemere


Namibia Self Drive 

We had an absolutely amazing time in Namibia and certainly packed a lot in to the relatively brief time we were there.  The quality of the hire car, accommodation and meals booked was very high and all very much enjoyed.  All the game drives were quite different and so we learnt or saw something new each time and without exception the guides were very knowledgeable and personable.The kayaking trip with cape fur seals was a lot of fun.  We had the good fortune to be driven to the lagoon by Craig, owner of the company, and he took a lot of time and trouble explaining about the flamingos, avocets, cape albatross and the other birdlife which we passed.  The actual kayaking was very well organised, with much care taken to ensure that we all had the right clothing and equipment, and we were escorted by Craig and one other on the water to the area where the seals frolic in the sea and were encouraged to interact with them.  Unfortunately, Craig said the seals were a little subdued because it had been fairly cold overnight and there had been a bit of a storm, but we all enjoyed it.  

Each time we were moving on to new accommodation, I warned everyone that it could not get better, but every time it did, though the Fort at Onguma has to be the peak as it was totally sublime.  We were assigned one guide, Victor, for each of the activities we did there and he was outstanding in his ability to identify birds and find the game.  Ozondjou Trails was another highlight and the staff (Jackson, Mona Lisa, the chef, Moses and Big Matias, the guide) were all delightful and very welcoming.

One thing we would have welcomed were suggestions of places to stop for pitstops and refreshments during our journeys.  As it happened, in addition to Solitaire, we managed to find some excellent coffee shops, but there were a couple of times when we failed to find a suitable stopping place.  

The scale of the country is somehow increased by the gravel roads, but we were lucky as the four of us shared the driving, so no-one had to take on too much.  I am not sure I would want to split the driving between just two of us over a fortnight. 

We had a fabulous time – and have nearly 5,000 photos to prove it!  Many thanks for helping us to achieve this wonderful trip, especially at relatively short notice.