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Gordon & Gill – Nailsworth


Firstly thanks to The Big 5 Safari Company for your assistance in managing the changes resulting from our flight delay.

Unfortunately, due to our outgoing flight delay we lost a day at the start of the holiday and at the end effectively lost half a day due to significant problems confirming our connecting flights from Livingstone – none of which was the responsibility of Big 5 as we booked our own flights and I think next time we would ask Big 5 to do this for us!

That’s the bad news, the good news is that despite these problems we had a fantastic time.  Victoria falls is simply spectacular and we did still manage to see the moonbow on the second evening and on the river safari we managed to not only see our first elephant, but managed to collide with a hippo under the water – all of which was great fun.

Our accommodation was very comfortable and of high quality.  Waking up to zebras on the lawn is the norm there but doesn’t half leave you delighted and bemused.

At the Zambezi Sun in Livingstone and at Camelthorn Lodge in Hwange National Park we were really impressed by the welcoming attitude of all the staff we met.  All of our drivers for the transfers were courteous and very helpful.  The only thing we are inclined to “complain” about would be that we found the transfer long and a little uncomfortable and would have preferred to take the recently introduced rail car through the park.

At Camelthorn our primary hosts/guides, Sibs and Vusa, were not only experienced and knowledgeable guides, but engaging and warm individuals which made for fun and interesting conversation over dinner.

As safari ‘virgins’ we did not really know what to expect from the drives, but quickly learned.  By that I mean that there are no guarantees about which animal species you may see and it can vary significantly between drives.  Despite the best efforts of our guide, we did not manage to find leopard or cheetah, but apart from this, during the short time we were in camp, we saw a good variety of animals and were thrilled by the experience.

We thank you Katharine for all of your early advice in selecting our venues as they all turned out to be great and the experience has left us with some great photos and memories. If it were not for family commitments in 2016 we would be looking to book our next safari now and will not hesitate to contact The Big 5 Safari Company for our next two location safari.