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Tswalu Kalahari is South Africa’s largest private game reserve, in the exquisite malaria-free ‘Green Kalahari’ region. 

One of just two lodges on the 100,000 hectare Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, The Motse (meaning ‘village’ in the local Tswana language) lies at the foot of the Korannaberg mountain range, in the Northern Cape, facing westwards across the grasslands of the Kalahari.

The lodge consists of just eight spacious and secluded suites – or ‘legae’ (Tswana for ‘little house’) – all effortlessly fusing contemporary furniture with traditional African art and artefacts. Built of local stone, rich red clay and traditional Kalahari thatch, each suite comprises a spacious bedroom with an open fire, a sumptuous en-suite bathroom with both indoor and outdoor shower, and a large dressing and study area. A private sun deck overlooks the lodge waterhole that attracts a variety of Kalahari birds and animals. Two legae have been designed especially for families. Each offers two separate bedroom suites with their own en-suite bathrooms, separated by an expansive living room again leading on to a shady, private terrace. These legae are each over 170 square metres in size and create the perfect environment for any family group.

The main house is a wonderful space in which to meet, with its elevated decks and elegant lounges. An infinity pool offers views over the waterhole and across the Kalahari landscape and a secluded spa is designed to complete your total relaxation. The mezzanine library is equipped with satellite TV/WiFi access and its museum cases display rare artefacts from the area.


Suites or ‘legae’ built of local stone, clay and Kalahari thatch



Open Season

Open all year

Safari Experience

Priding itself on maximum flexibility guests of Tswalu have a personal consultation on arrival. Activities are unique, fun and captivating. They include daily game drives in the morning, afternoon or evening, walking safaris, night walking safaris, tracking desert-adapted Black Rhino, horseback safaris (accompanied by an equestrian guide with expert tuition if required), bonding with the meerkat colony, sleep outs under the stars on the Malori Sleep Out Deck, walks to ancient archaeological sites of Bushman rock carvings, tours of the staff village and the sensual Tswalu Kalahari Spa with indoor and outdoor treatments. The Kalahari has unique wildlife and dazzling panoramas creating endless spectacular photographic opportunities.

Wildlife & Birdlife

Over 80 species of mammals can be found on the reserve, together with approximately 240 species of birds. Insect life seems boundless; as an example, there are more species of butterfly to be found here than in the entire British Isles.

Guests can expect to see familiar plains game such as zebra, buffalo, giraffe, as well as antelope endemic to the region. The sight of springbok against the red sand or the silhouette of a kudu bull on a dune crest are classic Kalahari images. Spend time watching the aloof yet magnificent eland, powerfully symbolic to the Bushmen. Follow white rhino through the acacia thorn and track the critically endangered desert black rhino (Diceros bicornis bicornis).

Large predators also offer excellent viewing opportunities. The Kalahari lions of our Northern and Southern Prides may be the same species as other lions across Africa, but they are singled out by their sheer size and magnificent black manes.

Opportunities abound to see the rare and the extraordinary. Tswalu has breeding herds of endangered Roan and Sable antelope. Look out for the skittish Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra. Discover a coalition of cheetah, persecuted elsewhere across the Northern Cape, relaxing in the grass. And earmark at least one drive to search for the wild dogs, a species under perilous threat, recently reintroduced back to the reserve.

Added Extras

Satellite TV/WiFi
Museum with rare artefacts