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Damaraland Adventurer Camp is located in a special place in the heart of the rocky desert of Damaraland, an ancient, starkly beautiful landscape.  Looking south from camp toward the imposing Brandberg Mountains.  

Damaraland offers you endless vistas and one of the bet wilderness areas in Namibia.  Early morning mists, generated by the clash between the icy Atlantic Ocean and the warm desert air of the Skeleton Coast, drift inland along the river valley, providing sustenance to the flora and fauna of the region, hence the high density of wildlife in the area.

Accommodation is in 5 “maxi” dome tents pitched on timber platforms that allow for a small viewing deck where you can sit for hours and contemplate the surrounding beauty.  Tucked away in and amongst the sandstone hills, each tent is surprisingly spacious with wooden beds with mattresses and cotton linen.  Ensuite bathrooms with toilet and shower are located at the back of each tent.


Domed tents with ensuite bathrooms



Safari Experience

Activities range from day and night nature walks and viewing the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein (a World Heritage Site) to daytime nature drives, exploring the mountains, hills and ephemeral river beds and springs.

Wildlife & Birdlife

Damaraland boasts a breathtaking assortment of desert-adapted species including one of the highest concentrations of desert elephant and black rhino.  Other wildlife includes Hartmann’s mountain zebra, kudu, giraffe, gemsbok and springbok with occasional cheetah sightings.