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Nkwichi Lodge, located in the cornerstone of Manda Wilderness, offers accommodation in six open-plan chalets, looking out onto dazzling white sands and individual, blue-water bays.

Nkwichi Lodge is located on the wild, eastern shores of Lake Niassa (Lake Malawi).

Fine food, attentive service and activities ranging from adventure trips to total ‘chill’ combine with a relaxed, friendly approach from local staff trained to the highest level.

Nkwichi Lodge offers the rare chance to let time stand still.

at a glance


Chalets and private houses


6 Chalets and 2 houses

Open Season

Open all year round

Safari Experience

The beach on the shores of the lake with its fine, white sand is the central feature at the heart of the lodge.

Nkwichi prides itself on practicing responsible tourism. By staying at the lodge guests are contributing to nature and the development of the community.

When you arrive by boat you would never know there is a lodge here.

Each Chalet has been carefully tucked away in the tree line so that the pristine lakeshore scenery is unspoilt.

Each chalet has its own en-suite bathroom cleverly designed so that you can bathe outside under the tree canopy in complete privacy.

All of the bathrooms have showers hung from overhanging branches with hot and cold running water. Some have bathtubs carved out of the living rock.

Wildlife & Birdlife

The lake attracts a vast range of bird species.

Some of these are indigenous to this part of Africa whilst numerous species pass through on their migration flights north and south each year.

The lodge has several guides who are highly knowledgeable about finding and identifying the local bird species.

Added Extras

The special Lake of Stars Bed,

Canoe Safaris are alaso available.