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Camp Savuti is located in the Northern part of Savuti Marsh along the famous Savuti Channels with all the tents over looking the water system flowing by.

This gives a spectacular in-camp game viewing in the afternoon as animals come to take a drink.

The Savuti Marsh, fed by the Savuti Channel, has developed a reputation over the years as one of the world’s premier predator viewing areas boasting one of the highest concentrations of wildlife on the African Continent.

Camp Savuti is a small, intimate camp with 5 meru style tents all facing the channel.  The tents have been positioned to ensure privacy and a modest level of exclusivity throughout the camp.

Each tent is spacious with en-suite facilities and sits on a platform overlooking the Savuti Channel

The Elephant tent, being the largest animal, is the one mostly used for family because it takes triple beds. The leopard, being illusive as it is, is the honeymoon suite almost 60m away from the fourth tent.


Tented camp (Meru-style)



Open Season

Open all year round

Safari Experience

Guests learn a good orientation of the area via the sightings board where magnets of the animals seen are placed.

Talks are also conducted by the camp manager on the history of Botswana, culture, animal behaviour, the Okavango Delta system and Savuti water system, Linyanti system and the Savuti history.

Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the Botswana Culture. A guest is chosen to be chief at the Boma (customary court), and him and his wife are the only people who sit on traditional Tswana chairs while everyone else is on stools and mats. The Chief has his advisor (Camp Manager) who is also his story-teller. Here you will enjoy traditional cuisines with traditional entertainment (singing, dancing, African folklores).

You can star gaze at the camp on the star deck.

Wildlife & Birdlife

In Chobe National Park, Savuti is a place like no other; many big cats roam here. There are 4 prides of lions with a coalition of 5 dominant males, 12 adult leopards and 4 young leopards, and cheetahs are also occasional visitors. Savuti is home to a pack of 22 wild dogs .

It is mother to about 30,000 elephants and huge herds of Buffalo.

Bird life is  spectacular, with species like the Lapet faced vultures, and the world’s heaviest flying bird ;the Kori Bustard.

Savuti is great for game viewing.

No number of nights and days of stay here are ever enough because everyday provides its own story.

Added Extras

Star-gazing in camp is an extra activity before and after dinner.