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Selinda Explorers Camp is located in the 130,000 hectare Selinda Reserve of northern Botswana and is built on the banks of the Selinda Spillway.

This classic camp, consisting of four custom-designed tents, transports us back to authentic safaris, but with a modern twist and hospitality.  The camp’s focal point is the Bedouin-style main area consisting of a lounge and separate dining room.

Subtly placed under the shade of the riverine forest, the camp is designed in the style of the early explorers both in philosophy and practice.  Whiling away afternoons under the canopy of African ebony and mangosteen trees, interspersed with walks and canoeing, make this a respite from the ‘daily grind’ of a traditional safari.

This authentic tented camp draws on traditions of the classic East African safari with beautifully detailed campaign style furniture made from recycled hard woods, and soft furnishings from Zanzibar and the East.

The custom-designed semi-permanent tents consist of two rooms plus veranda, as well as a private open air ‘bustani bathroom’ with hot water bucket showers and flush loo.  All tents are at ground level, including the main lounge and dining area. This is an unassuming camp, light on its footprint but heavy on its experiential luxury.

The atmosphere of the camp is one of bush elegance with relaxed bohemian style, complemented by attentive staff, private professional service and fabulous food.





Open Season

Open 01 Mar – 30 Nov

Safari Experience

Selinda Explorers Camp focuses primarily on the traditional safaris of walking and canoeing. All guides are firearm trained and will be armed on walks and canoes.

Game drives are also offered, both day and night, but are a supplement to other activities as opposed to the emphasis.

Rod/reel kit is available for those who want to try their cast in the Spillway.

If the cool shade of the canvas and trees simply isn’t enough to quell the midday heat, then grab the guide and go for a swim in the refreshing waters of the Spillway.

Wildlife & Birdlife

The camp sits in prime predator habitat, in a location which was handpicked based on the camp operators exploring this area for years.

Lion, leopard and cheetah and the recently discovered Explorers Pack of African wild dog hunt these parts regularly.

Good densities of giraffe, buffalo (in the dry season) and all the antelope, including even roan and sable and recently spotted eland, are possible sightings.

At the peak of the dry season in late September, the Selinda Reserve has been documented to hold up to 9,000 elephants.

There is phenomenal bird life along the Spillway’s banks for those looking for some ‘lifers’.

Added Extras

Private camp offering an exclusive experience.

Wild-swimming in the Selinda Spillway.

Brass hip-baths are filled and placed for bathing actually in the shallows of the Selinda Spillway.