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Set within a private Concession located along the edge of the Linyanti Marsh and bordering the western boundary of Chobe in the Chobe Enclave, lies this stunning and exclusive 12 bedded camp with the look and feel of a mobile safari.

The area boasts a great diversity of wildlife and birdlife species and is one of the most sought after remote locations in Botswana. 

This is an intimate camp with 6 mini-Meru style tents, each of which has en-suite bathroom facilities with flush toilets and al fresco bucket showers.

The camp is situated on the sands above the ancient river-bed of the Linyanti, and has exceptional views of the replenished water ways and marsh.

A main dining and lounge area is set-up for clients to enjoy their meal-times and to relax in the heat of the day between activities.

Activities consist of walking safaris only.


Luxury Tented Camp


6 Tents – 12 people

Open Season

Open 01 Apr – 31 Oct

Safari Experience

Set in one of the remotest parts of Botswana, this private concession allows guests to experience the Botswana Wilderness through the lap of luxury.

The magnificent area boasts unparalleled wilderness with highlights of big herds of buffalo in the dry season and regular close encounters of unique wildlife species.

The endless vistas of the Linyanti marsh makes an incredible playing field for the avid bird watcher, combined with breathtaking views of a scenery carved by defiant forces of nature.

Wildlife & Birdlife

This area is highly populated with animals particularly in the dry winter months when elephants and buffalo concentrate in enormous numbers at the rivers and waterholes.

Thousands of zebra spend the winter in the Linyanti before heading south to the Savuti in November in expectation of summer rains and good grazing. The particularly beautiful sable and roan antelopes are found here, and red lechwe and the aquatic sitatunga antelope inhabit the wetlands. The main predators are lion, leopard, cheetah, and hyena.

Occasionally one may see the smaller carnivore, the rare serval. Porcupine sightings are not uncommon. It also provides a stronghold for the endangered African wild dog.

Nocturnal species of animal include aardwolf, lesser bushbaby, serval, spring hare, (large spotted) genet and occasionally the elusive pangolin!

Linyanti is an outstanding year round birders paradise with special sightings which include Hartlaub’s babbler, wattled crane, slaty egret, African skimmer, Allen’s gallinule, to the drier mopane woodland species like racket-tailed roller, Bradfield’s hornbill, white-breasted cuckoo-shrike, Bennett’s woodpecker, swallow-tailed bee-eater and Arnott’s chat.

This reserve is also excellent for kori bustard, ostrich and various owl species, such as Verreaux’s giant eagle-owl and the African scops-owl. Not to be forgotten is the rare Narina Trogon.


Added Extras

It has a similar appearance and experience to the Okavango Delta with papyrus lined waterways leading to towering riverine forests of giant ebony and marula trees.

There are no fence lines so the animals move freely between the reserves and areas.

Linyanti is one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of Botswana and is one of the least visited and most pristine corners of the region, which creates an unrivalled atmosphere of remoteness and seemingly unlimited expanse.