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&Beyond Chobe under Canvas offers comfortable mobile safari tents at private campsites in one of the top wildlife areas in the world – Chobe National Park, home to some of the largest elephant herds on the African continent.

Chobe Under Canvas camp has five spacious, walk-in tents taking a maximum of ten guests.  Each tent has crisp linens and ensuite bathroom (flush w.c. and steaming hot bucket shower) – the luxuries make this camp feel more like a semi-permanent tented camp.  The camp moves to a different site every five or six days, ensuring that game drives constantly explore fresh areas.  Night time noises filter through canvas walls and well-used animal trails bring unexpected visitors to thrill and delight.

Tented guest areas create shady spaces to relax in the heat of the day or a place to share a drink with friends in the evening hours, as dishes full of flavour find their way to dining tables.


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Wildlife & Birdlife

Renowned as one of the top wildlife reserves in the world, Chobe National Park is home to the largest concentration of elephant on the African continent.  Chobe also boasts two antelope species rarely encountered elsewhere in Botswana – the puku and the Chobe bushbuck. The puku, with their shaggy orange-brown coats and V-shaped horns, can be spotted grazing the floodplains.  Predators include lion, hyena, leopard, African wild dog, civet and caracal.

Chobe is a haven for birding enthusiasts. Striking colonies of carmine bee-eaters build their nests in the exposed sandy banks of the river.

Water birds, including many species of duck and the rare red-billed pratincole can be spotted in their thousands, and guinea fowl and francolin dart through the grasses on the river’s edge.